The representatives will represent their Region or Nation during the “Week of Rosadigitale” which will start on March 4th and end on March 12, 2017, on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

Every region will have due representatives: a male representative and a female representative as a symbol of equal opportunity.


  • Guide and support whoever would like to organize and hold a rose petal in their region or country in which the representative resides;
  • Publicize the initiative using the various social networks, newspapers, blogs, radio or television;
  • Contact associations, people or technology companies that can hold events in the area where the representative resides;
  • If the appointee wants to create a rose petal or more events, an article, video, images or materials on the initiative or on the rose petals, they are free to do so;

If in your Region or Nation there is already a representative, you can still candidate yourself and we will put you in contact with the representative in your territory for collaboration.

The movement will publicize on its website and on its various social networks the media partners for this initiative.

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