International Event: “Remix your Rose Petal in Rosadigitale”


From today, February 18th until March 31, 2018, starts the online event titled “Remix your Rose Petal in Rosadigitale”, organised in occasion of “Rosadigitale Week”.

The initiative of Isa1 of La Spezia: “Remix your Rose Petal in Rosadigitale with Scratch”, in care of Patrizia La Rocca, is addressed to all orders of schools and media partners either Italian or Foreign who would like to offer to participate with this initiative.

You must connect to the Scratch programming environment and remix by inserting your rose petal(event) indicating the city or country, the event and any other information you would like to leave.

Come on, let’s fill the world with rose petals!

To go to the project click on the following word: Remix!