Rosadigitale Week. Online and unplugged tools for events.

What to organise for Rosadigitale Week from the 2nd to 30th April 2020?

Online and unplugged tools to use for events at school and beyond.

International event: “Remix your Rose Petal in Rosadigitale”

The initiative of ISA1 of La Spezia: “Remix your Rose Petal in Rosadigitale with Scratch”, is addressed to all orders of schools either Italian or foreign and media partners and consists of connecting to the Scratch programming environment and remixing the initial project and indicating the city and other information you have the pleasure of sharing.

Blockly, games you play with a very simple programming language born as a response to Scratch.

Code Org. Coding from zero! With games and videos you learn how to overcome challenges and solve problems.

With Bloxels you can build everything you can imagine.

All you need is your Bloxels Gameboard, some blocks, a mobile device and, of course, your imagination to bring out your ideas about creating your video games!

Scratch to learn programming for children and more

Tynker is the easiest way to learn coding

Children learn to code using blocks of visual code that represent real programming concepts.

Instruments of coding unplugged – CodyRoby