The week of RosaDigitale

Fill in the form “Events” to contribute to the realization of the second edition of “The week of Rosadigitale” which will begin on March 4th and end on March 12, 2017, on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

The first edition of The week of Rosadigitale in March 2016 had more than 100 events held in all of Italy, born as an initiatory journey towards equality between men and women in the various sectors of information and technology.

The movement will work throughout Italy, in Europe and abroad, for a whole week, in the realization and presentation of different events to raise awareness among women in informatics and technology, through online projects, workshops, talks, seminars, conferences and workshops live in person.

The events, free or by payment, will be based on the following topics: programming, web marketing, robotics, electronics, graphic and web design, online journalism, digital painting, digital photography and many other themes that are connected with technology.

Associations, people, companies, information and technology groups will be involved from each Italian region, and foreign and European nations, who will decide to work with Rosadigitale organizing independently events aimed at everyone, called rose petals.

During the week there will be basic events dedicated to anyone who wants to approach the digital field and specific detailed days for those who already have experience and are looking to further their knowledge and skills.

The information will unite women young and old, girls, men young and old and boys in a battle to eliminate the gender gap.

The teaching of programming languages, the stories of great informatics, the use of information technology tools and software for business, cultural, artistic and communicative will contribute to the annihilation of gender inequality.

The movement will publicize on its website and on its various social networks all events organized for this initiative.

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