Italy. The week of RosaDigitale



Throughout Italy, from March 7th to the 13th, 2016 will be “The week of RosaDigitale” on the occasion of Women’s Day.

This week is organized by RosaDigitale, a national movement against the gender gap in technology and informatics, born on November 1, 2015.

An initiatory journey towards equal opportunities involving associations, people, companies and information and technology groups throughout every Italian region, with take part providing various events called “petali rosa” (pink rose petals) dedicated to girls, women and elderly women.

Every region will have two representatives who are socially active in the information and technology field.

There will be a male and a female representative as a symbol of equal opportunity who will work together to represent and promote the movement of RosaDigitale within the Italian territory and to publicize the petali rosa in their region.

Pink week will be publicized by media partners who will contribute in creating and divulging articles, posts, photographs and videos on the web and on different social media networks.

There will be days focused on the stories of great women who have contributed to technology and informatics and of those who are actively cooperating and making it more innovative.

There will even be days based on topics such as la programmazione, libreoffice, web marketing, software libero, graphic design, web design and many other themes.

The various petali rosa will be held through online projects, workshops, talks, seminars and live workshops which will be organized independently by companies, organizations and people working in the field of information technology.

RosaDigitale will unite all of Italy cwith its petali rosa and will launch a challenge for equal opportunities and various Italian regions will join to reduce the gender gap.

RosaDigitale will immerse and wrap women in a week full of many and various types of petali rosa which will be fundamental to this initiative.

On the RosaDigitale website you will be find all necessary information including publications of the various events, media partners, articles and the regional representatives.

For all updates please refer to the Facebook page and Twitter account  or type #rosadigitale.