Italy, Women’s Day 2016: takes part in “the week of RosaDigitale”


“There is no gender gap that takes against the dissemination of knowledge.”

Thus begins the national journey of RosaDigitale (Digital Pink Rose), from March 7th to March 13th, 2016, on the occasion of Women’s Day.

This movement will take place throughout Italy, for one week and carry out several and different events to raise awareness of women in computer science and technology.

“Days where digital will make and leave a mark for the young and the old.”

It will be a celebration for all women where technology will talk and specifically on March 8th, we will remember the stories of the great women who have contributed and who are actively collaborating and giving largely for a more virtualized society.

Overcoming the gender gap, is the objective of this movement and it will not stop after “The week of RosaDigitale”.

The dissemination of knowledge and the correct information through online projects, workshops, talks, seminars and live workshops is the heart of this movement.

Computer science and technology nowadays is inevitable, just think of how much power the Internet has by reducing the distances between people worldwide and producing work in various fields such as graphic and web design, online journalism, SEO, programming and many others.

“The week of RosaDigitale” will have for each Region two representatives a women and a man as a symbol of gender equality and who will work together to advertise provincial events called “petali rosa” (pink rose petals), created by the organizers within their territories.

The creators of the petali rosa, will have the task of documenting the event through articles, videos, images or projects, and send them by e-mail to RosaDigitale.

All feedback received on behalf of “RosaDigitale” will be published on the site in exchange of the knowledge and cultural enrichment.

How to participate?

Within this site, you will find all the appropriate forms for nominations of representatives who will represent the different regions, registration of “petali rosa” , to take place and becoming a media partner.

As of December 21st, we will start publicizing the first representatives and the regions they will be representing.

In “event map” we will publish the various “petali rosa” and provide names, contact details and presentations of those participating and presenting the events.

For ulterior information please send an email to or simply fill out the form.