In all of Italy, Europe and Internationally, from the 4th to the 12th of March 2017, the second edition of the week of Rosadigitale will be held on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

Organized by Rosadigitale, a national movement for equal opportunities in the various sectors of information and technology, the week will be a set of informative and practical events based on the following arguments: programming, web marketing, robotics, electronics, graphic and web design, online journalism, digital painting, digital photography and many other themes all having to do with technology.

The first edition of the week of Rosadigitale in March 2016 had more than 100 events held in all of Italy, born as an initiatory journey towards equality between men and women in the various sectors of information and technology.

The movement’s motto is “The conquest is information”.


International women’s day, commonly called Women’s Day reoccurs on March 8th of each year to commemorate social, political and economic achievements of women both discriminated and violated within which are the subjects and continue to be the subjects in all parts of the world.

Rosadigitale has chosen this important time to send a strong message and remind all girls and women young and old of the various stories and examples of great women in technology and informatics who have contributed and who are today actively contributing and cooperating with society to make it more innovative.

We invite you to hold on, to fight and to never give up in the face of injustice and gender inequalities.

During the week there will be events that are basic and introductory dedicated to anyone who wants to approach the digital world. There will also be more detailed and advanced events for those who already are experienced and would like to further their knowledge and skills.

The information will unite women, girls, men and boys in a battle to eliminate the gender gap.

The teaching of programming languages, the stories of great informatics, the use of information technology tools and software for business, cultural, artistic and communicative will contribute to the annihilation of gender inequality.


In all of Italy, Europe and Internationally events called “rose petals” will be held online or in person by associations, people, information and technology groups and companies.

Online projects, workshops, talks, free seminars and live workshops or for a fee, which will be organized independently by companies, associations and people active in information and technology.

Every rose has its thorns, in this case the inequalities, but also has its petals; conquests that will spread to form a carpet that will accompany women to the battlefield.

If you would like to hold a rose petal or more events you can fill in the form under the section “events”.

Every region and country will have two representatives: a male representative and a female representative as a symbol of equality who will work together to represent the movement Rosadigitale in their proper territory.


  • Guide and support whoever would like to organize and hold a rose petal in their region or country in which the representative resides;
  • Publicize the initiative using the various social networks, newspapers, blogs, radio or television;
  • Contact associations, people or technology companies that can hold events in the area where the representative resides;
  • If the appointee wants to create a rose petal or more events, an article, video, images or materials on the initiative or on the rose petals, they are free to do so;

If you would like to candidate yourself as a representative of a region or country go to the section “representative”.

There will be media partners who will support the project.


  • Publicize the initiative using the various social networks, newspapers, blogs, radio or television;
  • Create articles, video, materials or images on the initiative or on the rose petals;
  • Contact newspapers, blogs, radio or television that can diffuse the initiative.

If you would like to become a supporter of this project go to the section “become a media partner”.

Rosadigitale will be the union of regions and nations with their rose petals will launch a challenge for equal opportunities and breaking down the gender gap.

Rosadigitali will be the protagonists women, immersed and wrapped in a week where countless rose petals will be a fundamental part of the initiative.

The representatives, media partners and the events will be publicized on the movement’s website and on its social networks.