Rosadigitale week. Ideas for events on business and entrepreneurship.

Rosadigitale Week is quickly approaching, the set of events designed and organized by Rosadigitale throughout Italy and abroad, on the themes of tech and digital. Like every year, and for this fourth edition everyone can choose to organize their own event(s) in line with the objective of the movement, to sensitize girls and boys, men and women on the world of technology, in order to stem that gender gap that still appears far from being filled. The events of Rosadigitale can range over...

Rosadigitale week. 16 ideas for your event.

Rosadigitale week is an international event for gender equal opportunities in technology, which will take place approximately from the 4th to 17th, March 2019. In the events map it will be possible to include also any events that will take place throughout the month of March. The moment is fast approaching and you do not have the faintest idea of what event to organize? Here are 16 tips of simple petals that can do for you! Have you ever heard of Canva? It is a software that allows yo...

Rosadigitale Week: from the 4th to 17th March 2019.

Throughout Italy and internationally, from the 4th to 17th March 2019, the fourth edition of Rosadigitale week will take place on the occasion of the International Women's Day. Organized by Rosadigitale, a national non-profit movement for gender equal opportunities in the technological field, it is an event born as an initiatory journey towards gender equality in all sectors of technology. The initiative, which in March 2018, boasted more than 1,070 events spread throughout Italy and i...

“Rosadigitale for Code Week”: over 3000 participants.

The Rosadigitale movement, from October 6th to 21, 2018, participated in "Europe Code Week": the European programming week. The event, born thanks to the initiative of volunteers, is a campaign of functional literacy promoted by the European Community to stimulate the development of computational thinking and to disseminate coding in educational institutions. Rosadigitale, on this occasion, wanted to give its contribution by launching "Rosadigitale for Code Week", the online event to raise...